How to use the LAPN Resource Efficiency Toolkit

This Toolkit is an online interactive step-by-step guide for local authorities, organisations and businesses to implement an effective waste prevention programme. It also provides quick download access to many of the items in the catalogue and shows how they can be used in practice in the context of a local resource efficiency programme.

Step 1.
the type of programme you want to implement (for events/festivals, an organisation, for homes and communities, etc.). The 9 step approach is a generic approach to any Resource Efficiency (Waste Prevention) Programme.

Fig. 7 Select programme

Step 2.
Pick the topic
you want to tackle (waste, food, water, energy), where offered.

Fig. 8 Pick topic

Step 3.
through the section you want, using the next, back, home, index buttons or the links to see the tips, tools, and the useful info provided.

Fig. 9 Navigation

Step 4.
where you are in the toolkit at all times by the breadcrumbs and the headings for each page.

Fig. 10 Breadcrumbs

Step 5.
and utilise the many support items (Tools) we have suggested from the LAPN Catalogue.

Fig. 11 Download