Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN)

The Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) is one of many resource efficiency programmes being implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency as part of the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP).

Following on the successful completion of the Local Authority Prevention Demonstration (LAPD) Programme (2006 – 2009) the EPA has since continued to provide support to local authorities in Ireland under the Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN). Clean Technology Centre at Cork Institute of Technology also provides expert advice.

It was apparent at the commencement of the National Waste Prevention Programme in 2004 that local authorities are very well placed to provide a key conduit to local communities and businesses for the promotion of waste prevention. The local authorities participating in LAPN are exemplars of sustainable local government and LAPN itself has become a major element of our National Waste Prevention Programme. Now it is official Government policy that every local authority in Ireland should participate in LAPN.

The EPA's National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) was launched in April 2004. It is now entering its 9th year, making it the oldest National Waste Prevention Programme in Europe. During this time, the Programme has launched a number of initiatives, all aimed at reducing wastage and saving money (Resource Efficiency).

In 2012 NWPP initiatives were branded under a new BeGreen (Preventing Waste & Saving Money) umbrella. The various initiatives, not only substantially raised awareness of Resource Efficiency in Ireland, but also resulted in a combined saving of €13 million in Irish industry and commerce.

The programmes operating under the BeGreen umbrella include:

  • Local Authority Prevention Network
  • Green Business Initiative
  • Green Hospitality Programme
  • Green Healthcare Programme
  • Green Homes
  • Smile Resource Exchange
  • Stop Food Waste
  • Green Communities Programme
  • Prevent and Save
  • Cleaner Greener Production Programme