How to use the LAPN Project Catalogue

The Catalogue is a repository of online and freely available materials developed by local authorities and others to promote resource efficiency in Ireland. It contains a wide range of high-quality, effective and practical tools that you can view/download and use for waste prevention programmes in your own regions.

Step 1.
Search or Browse
the Catalogue for the items you need, in the many formats and categories we have provided.

Fig. 1 Search catalogue

Step 2.
Narrow or filter your search
depending on what kind of item you want, by clicking on the type.

Fig. 2 Filter your search

Step 3.
the items you are interested in by clicking on them and learn more about them (in this case Green guide to enjoying a festival). The record for each item gives you a description, the source and keywords so you can learn more. Click on the source to see more from that source. Click on a keyword to see more items on that topic.

Fig. 3 Learn more

Step 4.
Related items (by type or topic)
are also offered to users. Several items can be offered.

Fig. 4 Related items

Step 5.
and reuse for free anything you want, by clicking on the file - just acknowledge the source.

Fig. 5 Download and reuse

Step 6.
the authors of the items you like to get further materials or to learn more by clicking on the source link (here Limerick Clare Kerry Regional Office).

Fig. 6 Contact authors